Nairobi National Park Half-Day Tour - 0 Day

Nairobi National Park Half-Day Tour

See free-ranging wildlife with the backdrop of the Nairobi skyline on a half-day tour to Nairobi National Park, a convenient way to experience a Kenya safari even if you have limited time. Door-to-door transport from Nairobi hotels make this a hassle-free way to get to the park, and you’ll have the chance to spot black rhino, lions, giraffes, leopards, and hundreds of species of birds.

  • $199
  • Transportation


What travel documents are required?

A passport or both a birth certificate and government-issued ID are required for travel outside the US.

What are the gratuities onboard?

Our crew (as well as the crew from other lines) is encouraged to work together as a team. Staff members including restaurant staff, stateroom stewards, and behind-the-scenes support staff are compensated by a combination of salary and incentive programs that your service charge supports. A charge of $13.95 per person per night will automatically be added to your onboard account.

Is internet service available onboard?

Yes, internet is available onboard for a fee of $15 per night.

Does my child need a voucher? Each voucher is good for two guests.

If you are looking for a room with you and your child then you only need to purchase one voucher. If you are looking to add your child as the third person in a room please purchase this at the time of booking with Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line.

Can I exchange money onboard?

No, you cannot exchange money onboard. The Bahamas accepts US currency.

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